Periwinkle Puzzles

Premium Quality with a Precision Fit

Meet Some Periwinkle Puzzlers. Read Their Experiences.


I absolutely enjoyed piecing together “My Hometown.” Jason Holladay’s art is just fantastic! The colors are so vivid and beautiful.

The pieces came in a beautiful mesh drawstring bag, and included is a nice-sized poster. The pieces are thick, and the varied ribbon cut has cardboard backing and a glossy finish. I had no peeling, bent, or split pieces. The fit is amazing! It passes the puzzle pickup challenge and waves with no problems!

I loved seeing the animal faces slowly come together. Such a fun puzzle to do with my daughter!


Flower Power had clear piece fits (no false fits) and the tight fits made a one-handed puzzle pick up possible! The abstract patterns of this brightly colored puzzle made it a good but accomplishable challenge.


Periwinkle Puzzles feature the bold and colorful art of Jason Holladay. The whimsical, fun art made me smile while putting the puzzle together. The quality is fantastic, with a tight fit so you can easily move sections (or even pick up the entire puzzle). The pieces fit together perfectly, so you don’t have to worry about putting a piece in the wrong place.

It also comes with 2 of my personal favorite bonuses – a reusable bag and a poster. Periwinkle sets itself apart from other puzzle companies by having the pieces in an organza bag, minimizing plastic waste. A Jolly Christmas is my favorite Christmas-themed puzzle – with a mix of tradition and rich colors. Highly recommend!


I loved getting into the holiday spirit with this adorable puzzle. The quality was amazing and the image was entertaining. I'm saving it to complete with my my family every Christmas while my daughter bakes cookies. I highly recommend this company and look forward to completing more puzzles from Periwinkle Puzzles in the future.


I had a great time putting all the cute monsters/creatures together! They are so adorable and make me smile when I look at them. The creatures starry night puzzle is such a fun image.

The tight-fitting pieces snapped together perfectly, making it easy to move sections around without falling apart. It passed the pick-up challenge with flying colors, and I also love that the puzzle comes in a purple mesh bag, making it very environmentally friendly.